Reviews for "Yotam & Fantasia 16"

Good Shit Dude! Glad to see all is smooth at the City Hall for Yo And Fan

"I'm just doing my job." "You know who else said that?!"

we made it. we made it to the legendary "next!".

I love this. This is super funny and I keep replaying it cause it's so good. The execution is super on point and there wasn't a joke that felt like it missed it's mark; It has perfect timing.
It's really cool seeing the intro next to the cartoon since your stuff has improved by so much in comparison and it's much more charming today.

Awesome work man! Keep up the laughs.

I've been following this series for years, and I just want to say that these characters are some of the most fascinating and neurotic lunatics I've ever had the chance to witness as a fly on a digital wall.

Love your work. Can't wait for the next episode.