Reviews for "A Hearthstone Battle"

Really her strategy was to wear as little clothes as possible to distract the mage from the actual game. Clever plot twist.

Alright, this was very fun but it was pretty weird. It was strange to see these characters appearing as themselves. Why not just use an actual battle? Well, it was still awesome. For the most part, the animation was awesome. It did seem a tad off at times, but it's a minor complaint.

It was so unpredictable. Yeah, it was great to see all those boobs. Typical for the RPG world! It is quite a unique cartoon. The length worked well for the amount of action.

Don't play it but fine work as always Twisted

She should not be so cocky she was lucky

Dem boobs and ass... T H I C C :D I wanna see a hentai with those xD great work man :)