Reviews for "Five Night at Freddy's PG 3 part.1"

frontpage is where ya goin

Awesome RPG! A quicktip, try getting rid of Flash control so ppl don't cheat. and do you mind handing just the HP action script and Movie Clip, and before you PM me, is it as2 or as3?

RodrijahuFyM responds:

Thanks! I will see how to do thatxd
I did it in AS2.0 with simples "_root" and "gotoAndPlay"

A little messy and i do not understand most of it but it's good.

pretty good game made no sense and the potion ability is a bit stupid but still a good game

I'm deducting half a point for bad english. Used to be 1, but since this game is fun (but hard, i'm deducting another point for that so it's a lose-lose) I'll deduct half.

Also, why does the night guard have infinite potions? I'm deducting another half point for that.

Anyways, good game.

RodrijahuFyM responds:

Maybe is more easy with infinite potions? xd
But, I'll see if I can fix that. Thanks for the feedback!