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Reviews for "Fillness"

Honestly, some of these puzzles are ingenious while others are downright pointless where nearly every combination of moves results in success. This is okay for the levels that introduce you to certain blocks' functions and concepts, but is otherwise dissapointing as a player. The overall idea behind the game is very intriguing, and while it could use some work, there's a lot of potential here. :)

I love me some punny titles.

Some of the mechanics could have been explained alittle bit better (turners only trun stuff next to them etc) but overall this is pretty cool!

A relaxing soundtrack, simple graphics, and one-button controls allows this game to show off it's strong points: deep mechanics that don't need a lot of complexity to show it off. Everything in this game is very simple, which works greatly in it's favor. The difficulty curve is also really nice, with me already having to think through several puzzles but not actually getting stuck until level 10.

I look forward to seeing the rest of the game once I get myself unstuck.

kinda boring, nothing exciting.