Reviews for "Robin Quest: Gauntlet of winter"

dafuck did i just played ? LMAO

AzrealFreeman responds:

A porn game on the internet :D

I love Robin's misadventures, they may not be overly long but they can still entertain

AzrealFreeman responds:

That's the beauty of the episodic series, more games released periodically :D

A+ to all hail the futa at the end lol. Love the mechanic Any chance you gonna get hooked up with an amazing hentai artist.

I feel like you are struggling with the character design. I bet you can gain like thousands of more star .

I wonder why not more ppl go with you style of games. I mean shit its fun to pick a route each step and wonder what the outcome going to be this mystery to uncover the possible events. And what is even more fun is that each item you get expand the possible of different scenes and animations by folds. Did i just explain the beauty of Witcher 3?

AzrealFreeman responds:

because meet n fuck makes money and everyone aspires to me like them. I make what I want to make because I want to make it. and I thought people who enjoy the futa!

and with a bit of coxing I would probably collaborate with someone who draws a lot better than me, but I have bad memories of attempting to get work done back in the day with undependable people who constantly let me down. thank you for the review!

i laugh so hard xD
this its shit but a good shit!! wp man!!

AzrealFreeman responds:

I don't know if that's a compliment or an insult :D Thank you anyway!

It's a nice game and all , but , comparing it to the first two or three games before it , this one isn't as spectacular . The previous games had this mechanic that when you die , you would revert back to start of the game with all your items . This one doesn't follow the same pattern , only in some points of the game does it follow the pattern . I know making games like this isn't easy , but it felt a bit short . Overall , I still like the game and think that it's wonderful that I get to see this character again :3
This has been an Honest Review by me

AzrealFreeman responds:

that's a fair criticism, but what I'm aiming for a deviantion from the old pattern I used. So many people criticised Robin Raid 3 for being unforgivable, so I've decided to act upon that. Try not to compare it to robin raid, this is robin quest :D its shorter, but you get new installments far more often!

I always appreciate honest constructive feedback, regardless of harshness. and you'll be seeing far more robin :D