Reviews for "WHOOKOS - Episode: 2"

Typical anime fan boi animation. Reminds me of an online game where you can create your own characters using flash and everyone used motion tweens in this game and made themeselves anime. I'm use to this shit now. I'm sick of it. weird body portion too

Lol the second episode no one asked for

WHOOKOS responds:

Well, hundreds of people asked for it. But ok.

What a load of trite. Biggest pile of cliché self aggrandizing. If we do an animation of ourselves being "badass" and spouting stupid unfunny one-liners, everyone will see how cool we are! Some of the worst, half assed dialogue I have ever heard. This wasn't just some quick write up either. This group of chuckle fucks got together and collaborated on these one dimensional Mary Sue's. Your animation could be really good if you got over yourselves, but as of now, this is self indulgent crap.

I watched the rest after I reviewed and I wish I could give it Zero Stars 10 times over. It just got more and more cliché. I cant count the number of times I rolled my eyes on this offence of a senses. I.... I mean, this is just so bad. I can't express enough how cringeworthy these 10 minutes were.