Reviews for "School Lunch"

I loved the video specially since I'm still in school!!! I like the idea of simple art and a lose story that doesn't feel forced. It brought the story in the spotlight rather than a dramatic piece to draw your attention! I also likes the relatable topic that opens for personal interpretation with a comedic twist! Although the pizza now-a-day is made in wheat/nutty bread it it's awful! School lunch is awful!

Love these nostalgia bits.
Michelle Obama would have a stroke if she saw what they were feeding little kids when I was in elementary school. One Friday a month you could count on it being "Texas Tommys" - not one, but two hotdogs wrapped in bacon and slathered with cheese sauce. I'm surprised that there weren't kids having massive heart attacks in fifth grade gym class.

Seems to be a lot of stand-up on the topic of school lately! XD It never gets boring though. Wish I'd had any day with pizza back in school though, sounds like you had pretty awesome grub overall, no matter the delivery or packaging. Entertaining sketch.


This is pretty funny and the commentary is great. It made me delve back into my memories of public school lunches, boy was it an awful time. Good job bro

This is the kind of everyday kidult cartoon I'd try and get cartoon networks to televise." I went to public school. I didn't get any of those fancy pants private school lunches all yew rich kids haaad... you're fu-kennn 'Flame-in-yaaan' (Bourguignon sound) & your Caviar" - fecking great quality of writing here.

I'd watch your stuff on network tv, I really would. I create scripts with very similar monologue centric jokes to the one you have overlain this animation to. You're good at this bud!