Reviews for "School Lunch"

Dude, I don't know what kind of pizza you guys had but we had crap pizza. It was the rectangle kind with pale grey cheese on top and tasted like cardboard.

Mmm... A jar of nickels. Yes it was always goddamn erosion in Geography class.

Great episode as usual. Always plenty of references that give me belly laughs.

Love these nostalgia bits.
Michelle Obama would have a stroke if she saw what they were feeding little kids when I was in elementary school. One Friday a month you could count on it being "Texas Tommys" - not one, but two hotdogs wrapped in bacon and slathered with cheese sauce. I'm surprised that there weren't kids having massive heart attacks in fifth grade gym class.

lmao that stone cold stunner

When the coach said "fuckin' tuesdays" i totally lost it. Such hilarious comedic timing.
I remember that pizza though. God damn. The school I went to was insane, man. They
had a cheeseburger day too. And they weren't even bad microwave cheeseburgers.
Those sweet old lunch ladies CHARBROILED them mothafuckas. My school life was
crap otherwise though, so I guess it evened out. lol. Keep making these as long as you
enjoy doing it, man. They are comedy gold but they also make you remember good times.
That's always a plus. Pardon my rambling. 5/5