Reviews for "School Lunch"

Oh sweet sweet school lunch...
All of the video is unfortinately true...xd

This is the kind of everyday kidult cartoon I'd try and get cartoon networks to televise." I went to public school. I didn't get any of those fancy pants private school lunches all yew rich kids haaad... you're fu-kennn 'Flame-in-yaaan' (Bourguignon sound) & your Caviar" - fecking great quality of writing here.

I'd watch your stuff on network tv, I really would. I create scripts with very similar monologue centric jokes to the one you have overlain this animation to. You're good at this bud!

Hot lunch soups were always bad when I was in grade school.

Yep pretty much, pizza=kid gold.

Taco day! You make me laugh all the time. Good job.