Reviews for "Pivot Pilot DEMO"

Nice game! Original idea. I like sounds and graphics.

Despite fullscreen option being in the menu it never seemed to work for me.

I think that despite what some reviews had said the robot arm controls are good and rather intuitive for something as complex. Yes it's not super easy, but that is the whole point of the game. Many good games have controls that require a learning curve. There are lazy people who cry when a game is more then a standard shooter with four directions, space for jump and mouse click for fire. Please ignore these people. A good game needs more controls for good mechanics.

I had a harder time controlling the boy actually - somehow timing the distance of his jumps is not that easy and it's too easy to miss.

I am giving 3 stars, but that is for this submission, for the demo, the real game looks 5 star worthy.

sleakku responds:

Good to hear that you enjoy the challenge! :D Thanks for the review!

I don't praise demos, finish the game then up load it.

sleakku responds:

The full game is available at Steam.