Reviews for "Pivot Pilot DEMO"

wow, what else am i supposed to say? i like it, i really do, the controls are kinda troublesome, especially the double jumps, but the concept is atractive, and when i realiced it was just a demo, i went to steam and bought it without making any questions, im gonna do a review of the game in steam when i finish it, good job and keep up like this

sleakku responds:

Thank you for the review and support!

I like almost everything here :D I wish the puzzles were a bit more interesting but they're okay!

The basic problem is controls. And for me it's an okay game so far, but the controls make it feel like a failed jam experiment :(
As someone who works as a game designer:
1 - write the keys on the robot arms! Every time I want to do ANYTHING I struggle to remember what does what. Because the focus of the puzzle lies in understanding WHERE and HOW you should move your arms, and NOT in struggling to move them. More radical solution - switch between the current active arm/boy.
2 - there is nothing more frustrating than a skill check after a puzzle. At its core the game here is just sokoban - what pieces, when and where do I move them. By adding a skill element you're making me pass a skill check every time I want to move a piece. Not fun. And then every time I fail a skill check the whole puzzle resets. Not fun. One possible solution (because changing jumping will annoy your current fans) - reset only the piece that died. If orb dies - reset arms. If boy dies - reset boy. This way you have even more room for interesting puzzles.
3 - level design. I gave up playing on level 3. Because when I opened the barrier I realized I had to pass a skill check in operating the robot arms. I know exactly the solution to the puzzle. I know how to arrive at the solution. But the actual moving of the pieces in a tight corridor is so difficult it's frustrating and not fun. I'd focus more on the "what's the solution" and "how do I get there, what do I have to do and in what order". Every time I died I had to move the boy to the button AGAIN and AGAIN. I'd much rather ONLY move the orb to the end goal. I'd much rather do the challenge again, instead of the setup. Because I win at the setup every time and it gets boring, but I fail the challenge every time!
4- win screen. I'd add a super bombastic win screen when the player finally completes the level. Make him feel good about this.

I'd suggest to take a look at snakebird , thomas was alone, 1001 spikes and mushroom 11. Analyze why the feelings in Pivot Pilot are off. I'm buying Pivot Pilot right now, but please make an update where you address these issues, just so the game is more suitable for more people. I understand what you're going for. The thing is that the current balance between puzzle and skill makes the game way too frustrating for too many people. Fixing these issues doesn't take away from the enjoyment that current fans get, but allows more people to have fun!

I'd love to see more interesting content from you on twitter. I got my eye on you!

sleakku responds:

Thank you for the very helpful feedback! I will check into these issues.

First of all,I wanted to give this game 5 stars but there was something that bothered me.The puzzles are great and fun,makes the players want more but riding the robot arm is a little stiff.You got to land exactly on the white orb,which I wasn't aware of,when there was a whole arm.Overall,great game.Would check it out on Steam.

sleakku responds:

Thank you for the feedback!

I really like this concept. I would have given 4 stars but took a half star because the controls are wonky as can be. I'm not sure I could offer a better setup, but it just felt very awkward.

sleakku responds:

Thank you for the review!

I think the controls are a bit too unintuitive for the game's own good. Something about using the "Q" "A" and "Z" keys doesn't really click with me (and I suspect that goes with a lot of people), I found that shifting the rotation keys over by just one (WE/SD/XC) actually helped me find the arm controls better suited for my organic mushy head. While the default keyboard mapping doesn't click with me or a lot of players, the ability to change it makes up for that shortcoming.

Maybe some of the frustration with the controls comes from how fragile that white sphere is with every surface it touches, having it break instantly when it touches an otherwise innocuous platform feels cheap and not entirely my fault at all.

A smaller nitpick, but it would be better if pressing "esc" twice took me out of the level instead of having to press two keys.

The game is well made in all other respects, however. It's a cool game, great job.

sleakku responds:

Thank you for the in-depth feedback!