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Reviews for "Death By Ninja"

Nice concept, just painfull to have to start all over every time, if it had a checkpoint so we can fight master ninjas early would be nice.

Still the narrator is the best.

Ok so first off, this is a really nice game. The controls are smooth, the graphics are neat and I love the simplicity of it. That being said, I do have a few criticisms.

The voice acting is a little off... it seems like you had the direction down, but should have gotten someone else to do it rather than doing it yourself.

Most of the time the ninjas are just aimlessly running around not attacking you, I understand that this is likely by design, the AI could be tightened up a bit.

The random highspeed dart that flies out of nowhere is something that IMO, should be introduced a bit later in the game after some scaling.

I hope you don't take any of these criticisms too harshly though, because I really dig the game. Look forward to seeing more of your work!

This game is awesome and addictive but I am having problems with the fast arrows and the blood animation. I suggest you put a signal whenever an arrow is coming your way and the blood animation should be changed as it is sometimes blocking the direction of where the arrow is coming from.

Overall, this game is very good but needs a little more improvement.

It's a very cool concept, but unfortunately, luck is the dominant factor. All too often, the AI will send combinations of attacks that can't be fended off no matter how quickly the player reacts.

When making a game like this, you need to check whether a situation is possible before throwing it at the player - make sure that there isn't more than one other projectile or ninja about to hit the player at the same time.

After trying this game about... I want to say thirty times, the highest rank I could get to was 'Priest'. I'm finding a few flaws in the game overall that are kind of annoying.

- Sometimes, projectiles will come at me at exactly the same time from two, sometimes three different angles, and I will only have time to swipe away one or two.
- Things like the arrows will fly from the sides and go through my sword, despite making the sound of them connecting which should reflect them back. This goes the same for some ninjas as well; red ninjas less so, but green ninjas will sprint towards me and, while they're bleeding out, they manage to kill me a couple of frames later. A differing sound effect for slicing projectiles and ninjas would do away with a lot of that confusion.
- There is no indication of special move charge level. As far as I'm aware, you get a special power to use after a 10-hit combo, and an upgraded version at 20 hits. If there's anything above that, I don't know because I die before I get the chance to use it, or I swipe at the air and frustratingly lose my entire combo (and my stored special move). Differently colored particles would be a nice touch if there are more than two levels of special ability.
- A volume slider for the voice alone would be appreciated. After hearing "You've been condemned to death by ninja" for the tenth time, it gets a little annoying... but at the same time, I like having the sounds of my sword connecting with things to get more than a visual representation that I'm doing well, so having SFX muted can be counter-intuitive.

All in all, it's okay, but nothing I'd go out of my way to play... or pay for.