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Reviews for "Death By Ninja"

Gameplay aside (since it is quite simple, yet very effective thanks to how wonderfully responsive it is, props to that), I'd like to point out how finely crafted is the pixel art and animations for something made in a weekend. For such a simple game you clearly took care and made it in a way that felt and looked good.

Excellent job, guys.

Excellent game. Nice quick play sessions, fun dialogue, controls are very responsive. Arrows are VERY satisfying to deflect into enemies. One thing I noted was that the hitbox for the player's strikes seemed to linger just a touch longer than the graphic; a few deflections and kills occurred after the image had already vanished. Certainly not a dealbreaker though!

Reached Emperor rank with 88 kills in 2:23 (after a LOT of tries!)

very good game but I get Emperor rank just pressing all the 8 buttons all the time

This game has a lot of future, mainly as a cellphone app.

You must correct the randomization. Two attacks from different directions should be separated by at least human reaction time; so that a person con actually have a chance. Without that, the game is frustrating to play.

Really fun! I approve much! My one gripe is that the pixalted blood that sprays when an opponent is slain can blind you to projectiles, which is how I died 4 our of my 5 runs.