Reviews for "Death By Ninja"

Awesome! They don't have many games like this out these days!

It's a super simple game but it's addictive and requires a bit of practice. I like it.

Fun and challenging. You have to be be quick.

I've found this such a relaxing game that I've thoroughly enjoyed over the last almost two months. The simple reflex fingers is quite entertaining and affords me a certain zen. Just achieved the rank of Ronin at 3:05 and felt really awesome for doing so.

Here's a few ideas to expand the game:

Special Moves (replaces darts):
- Spike Strip; lock down a single path for a longer time, kills enemies that walk across it
- Slow Time; enemies and attacks made by enemies move more slowly for a short time
- Clone; summon a clone that attacks in the opposite direction of you for a short time

- Split-Ninja; Runs around and throws ninja stars like Blue Ninjas, but if they die they split into two regular ninjas
- Lane-Jump Ninja; this ninja jumps to an adjacent lane if it would be hit by a ranged attack. Can only be taken out by a sword slash
- Rage-Ninja; other ninjas near this ninja move faster than normal

I spammed in a circle and killed literally everything, just found the meta because usually games like these punish you for spamming.