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Reviews for "Late for School"

Well done. Nicely animated, and decent ending.

Holy shit! this was pretty awesome, huh...

Well that was pretty intense! XD Went from entirely comical and harmless to feeling kinda bad for the main character though, wonder if it would've been better if the big fall was trivialized a bit, and she just kept on running, exaggeratedly bloodied and bruised but too stressed to think about it until she reads that final message. Lost a bit of its pace after that, too, but overall not bad. The animation style's clean and... different! Great music to go with it too.


I know the feels

Bravo! I know other reviews say that the animation was stiff, but I feel the story/ pacing/ script outweighed the animation. It was very entertaining to watch! I think with just slightly more time on animation, it would've been a masterpiece. The music was very fitting for this cartoon.

The scene with the main character waiting for the light to change is amazingly done.
Overall, I think you are very talented. Keep going!