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Reviews for "String Theory 2"

Beautiful, graphics, great game play, and the story line was interesting. I'm glad you added in a small clip before almost every level.
Way to go!

LunarGamesDev responds:

Thanks KR2004!

Everything about this game is amazing. The gameplay, the music, the concept. It's all so good!

LunarGamesDev responds:

Thanks for all the great compliments SlashCrazySmirk! Glad you enjoyed it :D

Very good game. The plot in the puzzle is cool!

This was a lot of fun! I enjoyed the story, and I appreciated that it never interfered with the gameplay. All the puzzles were well designed and the great physics made solving the puzzles fun and satisfying. I look forward to more!

We need a way to pan our camera. Several times the needed platforms just ended up outside of the area. Blue bouncy platform sliding motion also felt weird after the string was cut.