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Reviews for "String Theory 2"

We need a way to pan our camera. Several times the needed platforms just ended up outside of the area. Blue bouncy platform sliding motion also felt weird after the string was cut.

Wow! Just wow!

This and the first part of this game (sadly not on this portal, but can be found elsewhere) is surely the best puzzle game I have played and I have played a lot!

To list the multiple reasons why it is so good:
- Very unique time of gameplay - I have never seen anything similar to this. Could it be original?
- Physics are very lifelike.
- Amazing beautiful graphics
- Great sound
- Great theme, just as gameplay unique and unexplored in games before.
- Story! Only the best puzzle games have it but it is usually simple, this however was a superb story. First game was somewhat philosophical, the second has a sophisticated Sci-Fi story, great!
- Characters with unique personalities, not one but three! Not even counting the operator from third dimension and characters in the ending dialoges.
- Voice acting! For a puzzle game it's something unheard of.

I hope author will put the first part of this game on this portal too, the first part gives a lot of introduction to story and provides a smoother learning curve of the unique game mechanics, I searched for first game in other portal and played it before this, those who do not are missing quite a lot of additional experience!

I hope the uncertain ending means there is a third part in the making! Great work!

LunarGamesDev responds:

Hey MeGa-wise!
Thank you for the amazingly extensive review, we're so glad you enjoyed every aspect of our game :D

We've now uploaded the original String Theory to Newgrounds as well, you can play it here:

If you'd like to stay up to date and be the first to know about our future releases, we'd love it if you followed us on Facebook :)


Steam Greenlight much?

I very much enjoyed the puzzles, the artwork was good even with the minimalism, the clear colors made it easy to see what each piece of the puzzle was supposed to do even if a specific challenge didn't have a clear way to solve it at first.

I can't say I cared for the characters or the plot, but the game parts of the game were excellent.

This was a lot of fun! I enjoyed the story, and I appreciated that it never interfered with the gameplay. All the puzzles were well designed and the great physics made solving the puzzles fun and satisfying. I look forward to more!