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Reviews for "String Theory 2"

I loved this game, haven't played the first one but the story wasn't overbearing to the point of confusion and got me interested enough to want to know the backstory. The functions were interesting and the dialogue was amusing at times.

My main complaint about this game would be the blue strings, which I think should be made less tense or more easy to move so the player can more accurately shoot the shapes.

The background music was relaxing which is good for a game like this where headache-inducing music could make the difference between genuine consideration and an automatic rage quit.

The levels were complicated but still doable, and I can't wait to play the first game and see how it compares :D

AMAZING game but that lvl 17 >.<

Most interesting and intriguing game I have seen on new grounds.
Unfortunately, everything I dig, everyone else dislikes....
I wish you luck....

great game, I like

I'm not always too keen to play physics games since I get impatient with the puzzles or bored, but the story really kept me playing and I'm glad I made it to the end :) I thought the difficulty level progression was fluid too.

Nice game and great music! Thanks.