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Reviews for "String Theory 2"


What a great game!
I really love your attention to the details:
* The camera movement during the narration, it feels as if the shapes itself come to life and talk
* The humour: Triangle is slithering down some blocks:"ouch...ouch...ouch".
* Extra help-texts when one is stuck in a level
* The microphone static when the microphone is handed to the journalist in the end.
* and much more...
My only complaint would be that the voice-acting sounds a bit artificial, but i guess i got that impression only because the other aspects of the game are near-perfect.

Still i am stuck with one question: Is there a positive ending as well?

LunarGamesDev responds:

Hi Leonidas!
Thanks for your amazing review of our game! We're glad to hear you appreciated all the extra bits of effort we put in, not many notice those!
About the voice-acting: we had no budget during the development of this game, so we had to rely on friends and family for all of it.
And to answer your question, while there is no 'alternate ending', who says this is the end? ;)

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why does this remind me so much of the game Oxenfree

I didn't get it at first, but then i tried again and had a great time, cool game

Though that Lv.19 made me struggle for a while, this game is AWESOME!!! Voice acting, music, gamelplay...everything was so good! Can't wait for next one...