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Reviews for "The Forest Mirror"

Wow! Very interesting concept for a platformer and also really neat-looking level design, great game!
My only issue was the ammount of lag I had, it made my progression throughout the game waaay too slow, but it was still OK ( I guess?)
Anyways, well done on this one! ;D

JosephMoonGolf responds:

Thanks for the feedback! I'm glad you liked the game. Apologies for the lag, this game was made with the intention of being an executable file, and I decided to put it here as a browser game too, unfortunately this meant that the frame rate stays low a lot of the time.

Nice game! Managed to finish it before it became unplayable. it definitively has some lag issues after a while, and the (un-)responsiveness becomes frustrating. Difficulty is ok, if a bit on the hard side.
All in all for a short game not bad at all. just fix the memory issues.

JosephMoonGolf responds:

Thank you for playing, and sticking with it till the end! I have updated the game with what I hope to be a more stable framerate, and in the process made some of the most difficult parts a little easier to play.


The game is very well done and running smoothly, can be enjoyed completely.

Last faerie is quite hard to obtain, but not impossible. You can get it, just get your jumping straight.

Unfortunately there must be a penalty, because the game won't run smoothly on browsers sometimes, and even though the size is small (~8MB) having to download it is a minus.

JosephMoonGolf responds:

Thank you for playing, and downloading to play the game in the intended way. In future, I want to design games based around what the browser can handle, instead of designing it for windows and then putting it on browser second. Regardless, thank you for informing people of this!

A hint about the 'final' or second to the right fairy: "You have to get it the *right* way and back. The other direction will leave you empty handed"

JosephMoonGolf responds:

Quite right, thank you for your rating!

Very nice game, I enjoyed it very much!

I must agree with some of the critic below, that some enemies where almost impossible to avoid. Though luckily you can take a couple hits and still make it, so it wasn't that big of a deal. I cursed at the game a few times, but that was just my own lack of skills and mistakes :P. The game was exactly the right amount of challenging, difficult but not impossible.