I understand

I couldn't wholly get into it. Animation and art looks funny. Enjoyable funny, not bad funny.
But the humor, it just doesn't translate from the comic worth a damn. Maybe if there had
been "accurate" voice actors for Bart n' Millhouse. Homer was hilarious, Marge worked too.
Bart needed more dialogue or something to make the animation work, as opposed to the comic.
The premise was pretty solid, if a bit abstract, but if it was like a 3-4 minute animation chock
full of ridiculous goodness, then sure. It would probably been excellent. Didn't do it for me like this though. First Sex-Lob toon to not grab me by the funny (or any other) bone. :V

Not as funny as your older animations. Then again, "The Simpsons" is also suffering from that problem, too.

Unfunny. You should stick to making music videos like that Tobey Maguire one.

He is known to be the bringer of the apocalypse so this is quite accurate legitimately the show itself made it so