Redneck Simpsons)

Insane and deranged... classic


how do you get head from a skeleton?

Hell YES! Nuff said.

Paragon... I just for some reason wanted to say that. it rolls off the tongue nicely.
Par-a-gon... Said it again...

That and a nice Simpsons Parody. I bet they didn't think of that one for the show! the older Millhouse... Why can I see him being just like you portray him in adulthood? I just do.

Paragon... well, had to say it one more time just because it felt right! It has nothing to do with this review.

Lots of guns too... The guns and the Simpsons always leads to zany wackiness... and summoning an army of the undead. So what hellish evil does Lisa unleash? What scientific nightmare does she cause? Reanimator for all those dead Simpson pets over the years or something more along the lines of Alien? These questions are boring. PARAGON. That is not boring. I say Paragon five times in this review and it has nothing to do with the review, REALLY.