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Reviews for "Pen&Paper Assassin"

It's a really cool game. Has a sort of Dungeons and Dragons feel to it.

Awesome game man! i loved it, i don't know what the other people are bitching about, i one shotted through the entire story without a hitch,Textbased stories you can never wrong with them. on the next one if you are interested, it'd be cool if you kept the same mechanics but add in like a skyrym esc feel to it that would be awesome!

Game good. But one thing: don't restart again from the first mission, only from the unsuccesful. :(

Far too luck based. It seems to be a 1-20 system and there's no information on how much a point in a skill affects an associated roll. And it's pretty frustrating when you've got 8-9 points in a skill only to fail to roll above a 6 three times in a row thus game overing and having the restart the entire thing over again.

I couldn't get into this. I mean, it was nothing but simple text. I am not into these kinds of games. The sound's pretty loud. Well, you can at least turn it off. I didn't know that would be so useful.

I guess I'm not into dice games. It doesn't seem to translate well to a computer game. I guess this was at least something different. I didn't like how you had to go back after losing. It's just too easy to lose.