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Reviews for "Pen&Paper Assassin"

I've noticed that no matter what level you have in a designated skill, it doesn't seem to correlate with the roll requirement. I have 11 in infiltration and I'm required to roll 18, and I actually roll a 4? This issue needs some reworking.

I also have a very short attention span so the guess and check nature of the game turns me away after five minutes. Make maybe checkpoints or more rerolls. Or even make it so you can roll a few time before ultimately failing.

got 10 in infiltration roll a 3 :(

My Strategy:
Spend 10 on combat
Spend 10 on athletics
Spend 10 on infiltration
Spend 5 on perception
Spend 1 on perception
Spend 1 on guns
Spend 1 on guns
Spend 2 on guns
Spend 2 on guns
Spend 3 on electronics

Nice game; however, I think checkpoints are needed.

It really seems to be a cool game, but It's luck based. I mean get 11 or higher on the 2nd mission?