Reviews for "Con-Quest! Poké-con (Version 0.07)"

Going to put this first in case bugs/issues are your priority: At the very beginning of the game when Faye is talking about the BSB, there was a redundant line where Faye said "looks like a standard BSB" (or something very similar) twice in the same conversation. I don't know if that was intentional but it seemed unnecessary. I also noticed an issue with with the Echo of Joy. On the final 1/3 health encounter before it resets, there was a line which seemed to have two simultaneous but incongruent thoughts. The line went "I suppose I can my body is a natural [...]". The "I can" seems out-of-place and it doesn't feel like it fits with the otherwise fine dialogue. Again, I don't know if that was intentional. But who even cares because I bet a bunch of nerds don't even read the text anyways lol

Very entertaining and fun to play. I really have no negative criticism. The art was great again. I really noticed the change in music when fighting the Joyce barrier guardian, which was very pleasant to listen to during the long boss-battle.

I love the interaction between the characters in the game. Great literary tactic to engage and immerse the (reader i guess lol). This also helps with building a rapport with the already engaging characters

I highly appreciate how your team is using entertaining mini games like the casino and court case break up the sex. Whether people realize it or not, having the dissociation is vital to the idea of a game (Honestly I don't think I could get off to this tbh games arn't really my thing - but I would assume a lot of people play this for that soul reason, in which case I suppose they would have a great time ( by being weird nerds lmao)) It's definitely still fun to see big titties and fucc babes (Carmen still holds the title of Best Babe) :p

I liked the entire idea of the court case. Very original and highly interesting in all of its aspects. Very clever hiding place the for prerequisite item leading up to the case. The dialogue options in the court case was a brilliant touch! The dialogue options all functioned fine from what I saw. I especially liked that one option about Vanilla's huge tits lmao :d

I like the spell/character weakness system(s) in the game. From what I saw, it also functioned fine - there was no discrepancies that took away from the game-play. The combat system still functions fine

Finally, I like how the environment is being utilized in clever ways to advance the story or to find hidden perks.

I wish your entire team the best of luck. The game was very entertaining, fun and engaging with plenty of content




I got stuck on the part where you ask everyone if they got meds from Joyce and I found the Tunnel under the carpet, but I can't do anything now. Did I find a bug or am I just retarded? Otherwise just like every other entry, it's great!