Reviews for "Con-Quest! Poké-con (Version 0.07)"

Great work as usual, CuddlePit. Was a few games behind so I had to play some catch up, but that's the upside to each game having the previous version packaged in with it.

The casino bit was an interesting new twist on the game, especially given that there was a ton of dialog that happens if you keep blowing money on the table. Kinda wish how much money you got after saving Haley scaled with how much you used before showing her. The James cosplayer, especially with her sexting scene, is probably the most unique set of rewards yet!

The hospital is probably my favorite chapter so far, though. Suspense! Mystery! Romance! Con-Quest has it all! It's like I was suddenly playing Phoenix Wright, and has a huge fan of the series I can't complain much. Plus it gave a nice glimpse of the world outside of the convention, as well.

However, I've run into a small problem. Jess and Gary(?) don't have alt color artwork with their reward missions. Do they just have hidden quests I didn't find, or are those still a WIP to be added later?

Also, there's a pretty clear difference in animation quality between the reward scenes, especially between Pheobe and Jess. Are you going to go back and touch up on those later, or is there an (understandable) lack of time and budget for polish at the moment?

So I love James's scenes, but is there any chance we will be able to get animated versions of each panel at some point in the future? Was slightly disappointed that they weren't, though the sexting theme is great.


A rare find of fun and sexiness. 5 stars