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Reviews for "MissileStorm"

There is a window before the game begins where it asks you to login to Newgrounds or play without login. I am already logged in, yet the left choice does not function. I am even using Chrome like you suggested.

You have music/sound effect sliders. However, you should put a test sound effect when you change the sound effect slider.

The game does not have a good survival mode. Only three enemy ship types, with the most vicious one being the beekeeper ones which launch their bees. I always prioritize them over the other types. The game could have added the carriers from the campaign for some challenge/better scoring opportunities.

I managed to finish the campaign, but where’s the ending? It had a decent story for a game like this, but there’s no ending—the player just returns to the level select menu and you get upgrade points as usual.

Funkmachine responds:

Thanks this is really great feedback. I will look into all of those suggestions. I cannot add the carriers into the survival mode because people could use them to farm easy points because of the way my wave system is structured. A fatal design flaw in retrospect. Thanks again for the input.

cant log in even though logged in i think i earned a few medals. but the log in screen is bugged. good game though

It's pretty okay. The game said I needed to log in to play it, but I was already logged in, soooo

Funkmachine responds:

I am very sorry the login didn't work for you. When you play the game logged in the login screen should never appear. I am trying to fix the issue but its hard to diagnose when I cannot reproduce it myself. I never see the login screen, and neither do my testers. It could be that you are blocking popups, I think newgrounds may need to create one to request access to your account for the medals and scoreboards. I will look at the NG api again and see if I can resolve the issue. Sorry again T_T