Reviews for "Pokkaloh final"

How do you get ink? I know it may have something to do with the squid but I don't know how to get the ink from it.

pokkaloh responds:

I forgot :s maybe you can make it at the oven.

Honestly one of the best games I've played in a while. Glad you put and actual black chick in there too LOL! had to knock off a star for the lack of sound on certain sex scenes.

Not sure if this will help, but using Windows 10 Home edition on Chrome even with all cookies enabled, the load option doesn't appear after importing the save. However on Internet Explorer, the load option DOES appear, but doesn't actually do anything when you click it. I don't know if that helps figure out the issue.

Not bad, actually plowed trough the game in one sitting all the way to the beach ending.

Game is good
How it counts in the Treasure hunting mini game is weird