Reviews for "Pokkaloh final"

Oh man, I remember this game from long ago.. Great to see so much added to it.. Sad that it isn't being worked on anymore though.. Fun, takes a nice long time to actually get through and basically a (true) harem, with ending no less.. Unlike 98% of anime and such that calls itself that. Would love to see more games like this. The only things I could think of dislikes/issues are the speed at which the girls relation levels go down, the lack of sex scenes for the demi girls.. oh and Lily's sex scene being of what it is.. (blah)

Also, on a side note. about the save problems some are having.. People who are having issues with the save codes.. Are you 100% sure you aren't saving/pasting the codes to something with "word wrap" turned on? (Like a windows notepad file) Word wrap will mess up the format of the code by adding line breaks to it. If that is the case then just make sure when you copy it from the file, to first paste it into a search or url bar and then copy it from there again before pasting it into the game.

The issues with the auto save system could very well have to do with flash's local storage system. If it keeps saying that it saved, but it never does, people need to make sure that "uploads.ungrounded.net" is set to "Allow" in the flash settings popup (Right click on a running flash window and click "settings" then go to the tab that looks like a folder with a green arrow pointing down into the top of it. Called "Local Storage" with "Allow uploads.ungrounded.net to store..." right under the name, and make sure it's set to "Allow")

Also, i've seen some flash games have problems with browser "offline storage" settings not allowing save files (.sol) to be made if "https://uploads.ungrounded.net" (or what ever the site is that you're playing it on) is not added to the list of sites allowed to store offline data. (or even deleting save files when/if the offline save cache is cleared) In firefox the offline cache settings and allowed sites list is in "Options > Advanced (side tab) > Network (top tab)" If "https://uploads.ungrounded.net" isn't on the list then make sure to check the "Tell me when a website..." box just above the list space itself. Then refresh the page with the flash on it and allow it when the popup comes up asking.

pokkaloh responds:

Thanks for your review. I'll add something to remove unwanted characters to the save codes to my newer games. But I think the problem comes from offline storage because people that have problems with save codes usually can't save at all.

For a porn game it's not bad. I took several hours to complete it because it kept on being quite a challenge even through midgame which talks about the game being fairly balanced and keeping up the difficulty while being rewarding.
This game might not be about graphics but a quite extensive gameplay and a lot of room for modding/expansion.
I liked the lore idea, an island for your own. The map is quite big and there are many skills to develop. There are many small successes in the game such as the idea of acquiring girls' clothes through the pirate girl.

The game is fantastic I almost unlocked everything but had to go to bed, For some reason I can not save the game it says it saved but nothing shows. So I had to restart still a great game.

pokkaloh responds:

Sorry, I know there are save problems with some people.

One thing I love is that Diana is a huntress because Artemis, goddess of the moon and the hunt, her roman name is Diana. And Artemis has the Hunters of Artemis, though it should be Huntresses of Artemis since it's all girls, but Hunters of Artemis has a better ring to it and rolls off the tongue better than Huntresses of Artemis. If you meant to do that, amazing reference. If that's just a coincidence, it's one of the greatest coincidences ever.

pokkaloh responds:

Well, to be honest I don't remember who chose to name her Diana :s

I love this game so much. Came for the pussy, stayed for the rpg element. I would however like an auto button during sex so I can watch and jerk off better and the days to be a little longer. Still, amazing game.