Reviews for "Pokkaloh final"

I couldn't help but notice Lily is in both Pokkaloh and Mozzoloh and it made me laugh.
Edit: And Diana?!?!
Edit2: I am seeing way too many duplicates. Not complaining though.

The game is amazingly fun. It plays really well, the characters are well written and have simple yet compelling backstories. I haven't gotten too far, but I've enjoyed the progress I've made.

Unfortunately, it seems there's an issue with the save codes? I copy and saved a save code from a previous run and pasted it in, but after hitting paste, it brought me back to the main menu with only New Game, Import Save and Credits, nothing resembling Load Save or Load Game or anything. I've checked the blog and it says you won't work on the game anymore, but it seems like a major issue to not be able to load a game with as much game play as this?

Overall the game is really great and fun, but the 'no/broken save feature' is a pretty major issue. If it gets fixed I will happily update my score.

Thought I'd give this game a try after playing Mozzoloh- well worth it!

I can definitely see how far you guys have come as far as art, mini-games. etc. I'd love to see it progress more in the future!

This game was great fun for what it is, it's priority isn't sex or just a quick fap. but to be just a good game, which it was.

I did all but I can't find the end of the game. Why ?