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Reviews for "Trippy Nathan"

I got a laugh out of it, but when it came to the choice of items it wouldn't let me choose any of them. And since my name is Nathan I felt this was speaking directly to me, telling me to try LSD. And to save the forest.

I can't choose an item, man. Fix it please. I want to know how the story ends :)

jazmik responds:

I appreciate your curiosity but there isn't anything after the item screen. I had to put something together for the presentation and decided this was more than enough.

Loved it up until the point came where I could choose between 3 items and I couldn't choose one. I don't know whats going on here I am quite confused.

the rest of it made me laugh though and I got a good chuckle.

please fix it up so I can play the rest? that would make me happy. Thanks.

-good luck with your work
with love

Meh, a bit short. Wish it didn't stop at the item selection screen.
Also, you must watch a lot of south park.

I wish it was longer, but it kept my interest. The story behind the creation is pretty funny.