Reviews for "Nene and Gift"

people are saying there are more than 1 ending but it doesn't seem possible to get a tentacle ending while she doesn't drink the drug on the first pick cause it seems like she's not aroused enough for the tentacles and in no matter what combination i do she always uses the beam

While I got the vibrator ending, I haven't gotten the tentacle ending, and I don't see any way too.
Spoiler ending below

Vibrator ending: Hamster, "water", Tentacles, Mag, Vibrator

Pretty good, but I'm a moron and can't figure out how to get one of the endings.

While I like that the ordering matters for what Nene will do, I'm slightly disappointed by the fact that it only seems to have two endings. It's pretty good for a first game, so perhaps making an expansion upon this would be worth while.

That said the lack of any kind of sound is the main thing that hurts this, in my opinion. Even if it's just stock sound/music, it would be better than the jarring silence that goes on the way it currently is.

Well, that was pretty of amusing. Would be better if there were more than two endings, though.