Reviews for "Nene and Gift"

It's like a Grow game but lewd.
I never knew it before, but I always wanted this kind of game. Thank you.

pretty great for a first post, but could use a bit of audio, also, a hint might be needed for the tentacle ending.

I'm 90% sure we're being pranked and there is only 1 ending.

So the hamster has to be done before the aphrodisiac or else she isn't thirsty, and the aphrodisiac needs to be done as soon as possible to get the most effect. Given that the first two moves are hamster aphrodesiac, there are only mtv, tmv, mvt, vmt, vtm, tvm as possibilities. None of these give the tentacle ending. What am I missing?

spoilers for second ending first make hr thirsty somehow then give her alcohol the book and vibrator are connected but you have to pass turn to make the booze effect her more