Reviews for "League of Pussy V.02 Saving Jinx"

I'm not sure, but i thing, i played one of your earlier games. Compared to that, this one is very good. Unfortunately it seems that there are no sex scenes at all so far ... at least not for the once who are not patreon supporters. that's a bit disappointing. And from the "visit Jinx" room there is no way of returning to the previous one. The other girls have portals.

All in all i hope to see further versions here on NG.

chaos00177 responds:

you have to walk up to jinx after you save her to get the sex scene. this is just so if you're a patron then you can choose which one you want. i didnt add an option to leave because thats the end of this version. i just wanted to see what people thought of the addition of story and how i changed the sex scene. ill be adding the other girls back into this after i create detailed sex scenes for them too