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Reviews for "U"

Very nice game: with it's minimalist graphics it's eye pleasing and the colour palette is well chosen.
The controls are comfortable for what they were designed for (phones) and overall it's pretty fun when it lasts.

The only things I would complain about would be the difficulty of the game which is really easy to a point and then it suddenly spikes up - please make it escalate and the shitty "download in the appstore" icons on the bottom which look genuinely ugly and kinda destroy the look. What I would suggest is either completely removing them or just make custom icons with your minimalist style. Very good job on the rest though, keep it up!

nunesbarbosa responds:

Points noted. Thanks for the feedback!

Nice and simple little skill-based game. I barely struggled on it and I didn't have to use my peripheral vision at all, but then, suddenly, Level 14 came, and... destroyed my life xD

Well, besides this silly little... ehm... whatever that I wrote xD pretty neat game you've made here, like the fact that you get a bonus for daily visiting the game. The gamplay is also quite fun.

I would just suggest to "spice" the game up, by adding background music, sound effects, maybe smoother graphics, more gameplay modes, colors and so on. I think you get the idea.
Anyways, good job on this! ;^)

nunesbarbosa responds:

Thanks for your feedback! Points noticed and a lot of changes were made.