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Reviews for "U"

i gave up at 57 stage, because there is multi quick tap in it. it's like you need to tap 4x faster than ever and my hand is tired, even i know there is space-bar and mouse click to cope up with it.
as the game goes this game is not only need your peripheral vision but you need focus, rhythm and maybe strategies down on when to quick tap or no.

is there any save and load function in it? because my record is vanish when i close this game
thats bad :(

oh! by the way, the music is good and peaceful

nunesbarbosa responds:

The game auto saves on each level. Maybe you're running without cookies enabled or you're clearing the cache.

I'll be adding a leaderboard as soon as I can but it is really impressive where you got to! Your points were noted, I'll add a bit of a challenge so it will not be so ryhtmed.

Fun game! I actually found level 14 to be one of the easiest... level 16 has been the hardest for me so far. Overall this game is pretty fun and I know I'll be coming back to play more!

nunesbarbosa responds:

I'm glad you liked it.. It'll get even more challenging ahead.. Waaay more challenging! I wonder how far can you go.

Its so easy. Its not a reflex game, its a rhythm game at best. The balls fall in a perfect pattern that you just have to follow the timing.

nunesbarbosa responds:

Point noted! Thanks for the feedback!

How many levels are there? I really like this game :) But my eyes seem to be automatically drawn to the black digits that appear, so I sometimes stare at them and lose :P Also, it looks like the circles accelerate right at the mark after level 14, which would make it unnecessarily hard, but I could be wrong.

nunesbarbosa responds:

There are infinite levels! I'll add a leaderboard as soon as I can to check other players progress.

The circles accelerate after level 14, you're right! Maybe it can some balancing. How many levels did you beat?

Great job! I couldn't find anything wrong with it!

nunesbarbosa responds:

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it!