Reviews for "Out of Your Love"

=O awesome!

i say awesome, yet i give a 9! :O
lol the reason i couldnt give this a perfect 10, is because, personally i wanted the music to speed up a lil i guess...i mean when at 0.34, it started a bit...but i was hoping for somethin more hard!! lol, other than that...it is a great mix!

lovin the vocals :)

DjEagle responds:

thanks a lot man, but may i remind you this song was made two years ago, so i was very noobish lol. But thanks man :), I appreciate your reviews.

I feel you...

You state that this music was done two years ago...

You're great now, and this piece is great too... meaning you were great all along;)
To bad it has no real ending, just fading out... Have you ever considered to remix/ patch up this song? I'll certainly be the first to listen to it!


Nice beat nice vocals

I like the beat the most but the vocals make it even better. Nice job i think your a very good music artist.

DjEagle responds:

Thank you very much man.


I absolutely adore the vocals in this piece; they rather remind me of DJ Melodie. However, while the underlying music is solid, it's rather bland. I'd love to see you work up a longer version with more creativity in the base music. You have a great talent, based on your other work I've listened to, and I think this could become something very special.

Whee! =]

Very catchy and I really like the vocals, but I think you could extend this and do so much more with it. I think you could definitely add more parts to it and give it more depth, and also it'd be great if you worked on the ending a bit. I think you could do more than just filter out at the end. I'd love to hear a remake of this! =D