Reviews for "Out of Your Love"

hey dj eagle

man u gotta finish your songs your mixes sound BADAZZ.. keep it up

Its nice

But wow the bass is reallly punching in the volyme to high But its nice preview keep working on the song.

Whee! =]

Very catchy and I really like the vocals, but I think you could extend this and do so much more with it. I think you could definitely add more parts to it and give it more depth, and also it'd be great if you worked on the ending a bit. I think you could do more than just filter out at the end. I'd love to hear a remake of this! =D


I absolutely adore the vocals in this piece; they rather remind me of DJ Melodie. However, while the underlying music is solid, it's rather bland. I'd love to see you work up a longer version with more creativity in the base music. You have a great talent, based on your other work I've listened to, and I think this could become something very special.

Really good, but needs a little work.

It's a good song, but it needs more depth, and it needs to be longer. I'm not saying it's bad, I thinks it's amazing, it just needs a little more work.