Reviews for "Bedroom"

I liked it, in fact it made me laugh good work. Keep it up.

fattyfatfatto responds:

Thanks for the response, it's very motivating!

Awesome :D

fattyfatfatto responds:

Thank you :)

This one made me chuckle real good! So simple, yet so effective. I really like your short horror projects. Keep em coming!

fattyfatfatto responds:

Thanks a lot! I'm glad you liked it! There will be another 15 second one coming at the end of this month!

Thought I'd see your older works, And I must say your older works Are alot better then the.... Whatever the big bang theory one was.
This one just starts off with A slow approach.
I'd have to say the animation quality is Great, Not the best but it's good enough to watch.
The guy just sits there, looking at the Computer screen Not even acknowledging what's happening, I'd say that's pretty funny.
Suddenly, blood! He Still doesn't know what's happening, That's funny too!
And then nothing happened the End
Overall:4.5 Stars
Really great little short and Funny while we are at it
Also some horror things I don't know

fattyfatfatto responds:

Thanks for the feedback, I agree the big bang theory one is terrible, I just wanted to get something done and try get an understanding of some different softwares. My next work will be better with some more effort put in.


fattyfatfatto responds:

Glad you liked it :D