Reviews for "'DinoMelt'"

Fun as shit!

Great game

So far from what I played in the past, the game seems awesome.. Recently I got a rockcandy xbox one/windows controller, and it says gamepad detected but for some reason, it won't work, not sure if anyone has had anything similar or if you happen to know whats going on with it.

Otherwise, I will say that I do like the art and animation quite a bit from this and the controls are placed rather well. The music is also pretty awesome.. but, I've always been one to love game soundtracks.


Absolutely fantastic. I love the retro-sound of the soundtrack and the tracks were so good, that I had a catchy tune for a long time.
Btw. it's like in Metroid:
Brinstar: Catchy Theme Plepur: Catchy Theme
not so catchy, nice theme though dinomelt: not so catchy, nice theme though
..., and so on.


I like the creative story too.
There is a prehistoric planet, clay meteor crashes, booooom.
The dinosaur Gwrep was able to save himself and tries to go back to the surface, while other dinosaurs were infested by the clay, and are savage now.

level of difficulty:

the bosses can be tough if you're no experienced gamer.


What can I say? it's a metroidvania-game.


I can't pronounce those names. That annoys me. There are also some graphicbugs that made me curious, because I thought that you can go through it.

All together, it does not make the game immaculate, but fun.
I really like the game.

(sry for speech defects, I'm german and I'm trying hard to speak english correctly)

Butzbo responds:

Thanks KerkoG!
Funny how you saw that metroid-like pattern with the music, but it does make a lot of sense, they do go from 'catchy' to 'atmospheric', hhah.
I'm curious about what you meant by the 'graphic bugs', drop me a pm about that if you have the moment.
Glad you liked the game and its themes!

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