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Reviews for "'DinoMelt'"

I'll be talking about the bosses and stuff so..... SPOILER WARNING.

I was utterly blown away by this game, the amazing grafics, music and gameplay make this the best game i've played on newgrounds so far.
The bosses telegraph the attacks theyre about to use perfectly, but doging they're attacks and knowing they're attacks are two very different things, making them all very challenging.
The final boss was definitely my favorite, with his vast array of attacks and his defeat by the hands of Fregg.
The final bit of the game seemed frustrating and too hard at first (Why don't I get a check point??!! I only get one life!?!!) but it is so satisfaying when you beat it (Fuck yeah!!!, holy crap its over?)
I have no complaints about this game.

It's the 3rd time I had to start from scratch, so I stoped playing it.

My only complaint is sometimes the levels are overwhelming

This game is absolutely amazing; the art assets are blowing my mind.

The game looks amazing. The characters are alle very different, wich makes the game more interesting. I was fooled by the cartoonish style of the game, thinking that it would be easy to beat. Little did I know, the boss fights are really intense.