Reviews for "'DinoMelt'"

Once you get to the second area it's just stuck forever on that Loading... screen.

The art looks nice though.

You're going to have to fix whatever it is that keeps freezing up people's games on various Loading... screens. (I mean it's been "loading" for like 10 minutes pretty sure it's just never going to load). That really is game-breaking.

I mean I'm getting nonresponsive script errors and all that stuff in regards to these infinite "Loading..." screens.

Everything in this game is really cool and satisfying, the art is very nice too. It reminded me of that old Toejam and Earl sequel on the Genesis, man I'm old!! jaja. But this is better. Love it.

Butzbo responds:

Thanks!!, this game draws a lof of inspiration from the 90s Snes/Genesis era (platformers in particular), glad you enjoyed it! :)

Running firefox. Every time I get to Plowrp, dino freezes, Plowrp kills me, then loading screen runs forever. Reloading restarts the game. Fun up until that point.

Butzbo responds:

Thanks for playing and the bug report!,
When the boss enters the stage, a brief 'cutscene' will 'freeze' the character for a few seconds, it should get the controls back as soon as the battle starts, I'll be checking those events.

Crappy responsiveness. I can't time my jumps/attacks.

Awesome stylish funny game with good level design, difficulty and all. Must be added to favorites!