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Reviews for "'DinoMelt'"

dude this is awesome!

Really an amazing game. Better knowing it was made in Construct 2 (which I'm not very familiar with). I love the art style and the world's minimal lore. Love the Metroid-style feel to it. Sad I only got 90% discovery. Really wondering what I missed!!!

Butzbo responds:

Thanks for playing! I found Construct2 to be pretty handy for a platformer; This game takes a lot from the Metroid formula, and (for better or worse), some of the hidden objects (especially orbs) may require some unusual attempts at checking 'suspicious' walls and such, still, 90% is a pretty good mark!

This is pretty badass. The sound track is amazing,and the art is pretty unique.

Dark text on a dark background? I can't read shit

Love it! All of it. Art, Music, Gameplay, Story and Boss fights. All are fantastic! Please make Moar!