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Reviews for "Hentami: V4 The Thousand Halls (NSFW GVN)"

Game worked fine for me until I tried to refresh the page after I noticed the credits were just looping over and over not offering a way back to the main menu so I could go through it again and pick different choices. After going through the game a 2nd time and picking the opposite choices I came to find that the choices didn't matter at all, Equipping items didn't even do anything. I'm rather disappointed and since there are no choices all it ends up being is a super short visual novel with the smallest sex scene.

I'm very empathetic I know making a game isn't easy and there are a lot of pieces that have to come together to make a game truly good but it's hard to find anything I like about this "game" other then maybe the main character art. Best of luck in future releases and I apologise for being so negative.

Hentami responds:

Thank you very much for the feedback!

We hoped to hit a lower rating with that crazy small sex scene - but nope.. got bumped to max rating, therefor we are going to go back and up the sex.

Added restart feature on any keypress to ending. Great call!
Completely correct on Kinetic adventure only, monthly Novellas - not Novels.
Our vision is to create a new experience, not repeat the old RenPy style.

Glad all else worked!

It's pulling over a gig in Firefox, and I'm on the "Our thoughts..." page, which is absolutely dragging along.

Hentami responds:

Our deepest apologies - I just tested this on an old laptop - with no previous resources so it had to load everything new - and I found no issues. Feel free to PM me with any specific specs so I can look into this for you. Such as browser version / browser addons / speedtest / pc specs.

I would be very curious if could try with all browser addons disabled and see if performance increases. I have run into that before.

We will continue to slap this game on the ass and see if can increase performance - but it does load.. a ton of audio resources.. we packed more then ever into this one. Thank you so much for taking the time to let us know!

i keep running into a memory leak problem when i try to play and it crashes chrome because it ends up taking up all 8 gigs of my RAM

Hentami responds:

I am a firefox user.. but I just profiled memory usage with chrome dev tools, shows me an average of 36mbs memory usage. If you try firefox and this still happens, please do pm me and will look deeper! Thank you for posting.