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Reviews for "DEMON SLAYER - Preview"

Unlucky with the loss of the files mate, would've been cool to see the finished version.

Some more mastering (or just improvements to the sounds in the synths themselves) could have been done as they sound a little bit loud and very slightly annoying throughout.

Doublechindoge7 responds:

I will still be finishing this song, with any major project I make I make an MP3 file every single time it reaches the next "Stage" of development. This was at stage 3, so I can use audio clips of this and its previous versions combined with new sounds to finish it. However, this restricts mastering, lowers audio quality and makes my job A LOT harder...

Yeah, this is kinda, um, what the other guy said. I know u daid its not finished or something, but still... id like to see it whe its done tho! I believe In u.

Doublechindoge7 responds:

Sorry for being indecisive but I can't get It to work, so I'm gonna forget it for now.

Read this carefully and don't take it personally:

The mix is totally cluttered; the sound design is weird and it is very empty in percussion. "Kick, snare kick snare" oh boy. You need more variation without cluttering the song. Less is more in many ways with the perfect mix. Also make sure your sounds are not overpowering your drums in the mix like they do in this preview. From what I have learned recently, it is better to let the drums impact a lot more in a hard dubstep track.

The worst part about this project is that you used GD as a way to get attention. Pathetic. If it was any good, you would never have to do that.

Don't worry about the project file being gone. You can make much better stuff in the future. The intro was kind of nice but needs a more calm intro to lead into it.

Don't use random clips of this song for a reboot of the track; if you really want to make it good it should just be recreated when you have an abundance of experience in music production (especially in sound design). You have every right to want to make this project awesome, but it will take a lot more time.

Keep practicing and this idea can become something much, much better. Good luck!

Doublechindoge7 responds:

Okay, I'm suddenly getting this complaint a lot that it's too cluttered, but do you mean there's too much going on or d'you mean the sounds clash. Also I just wanted to say that I did not make this to take advantage of Geometry dash players for views, I started my Newgrounds "Career" in the first place for Geometry Dash. I made this song so that I myself could use it in my own level, not to exploit the views system. I just wanted to make that clear since you told me not to take It personally, but then proceed to throwing insults like pathetic at me and making it personal so obviously to contradict your own logic you must've been really passionate about your opinion on that. The snare complaint, fair enough, but I can't do anything about that. I'm a 14 year-old kid if you hadn't seen my profile, so I've made everything on my profile without spending a penny. So the only percussion I have is what comes with the demo of FLS and 1 pack of free "Dubstep" audio clips. Also the audio clips thing has been scrapped, my idea to combine audio clips and new original loops using the same scale could've in theory got this done and still kept it somewhat unique, but I don't know why; but everything I made clashed with the audio clips. I dunno if it was just 'cause audio clips go through some kinda compression or what, but nothing would blend.

Okay, review time.

The very beginning sounds fine although it is a bit sudden, and there is no evidence of structure throughout really.
after the beginning the whole thing seems to just deteriorate from there sounding more and more like random noise.
I get that the song isn't finished (and never will be since you lost the file) but even as a fragment this isn't that good... sorry, but That's what I think.

in summary: meh.

I thought Id give a quick summary as to what I think of all of your works as a whole (I listened to a varied sample of them and overall: they could be a lot better, I think that you focus on pumping out new content way too much... you should step back a bit and spend more time on each track you make, quality should always come over quantity after all. also, as a general rule of thumb I try to avoid uploading previews to NG (I used to, but not anymore) That way your listeners don't have to wade through tons of previews to get to a finished track.

Well, I hope this helps you out :)

Doublechindoge7 responds:

Well ok, I can't really say much to that. I guess the only thing I can say is, everyone keeps saying in their negative reviews that after the first part it sounds random but I don't get the problem with that. I haven't been able to stick to one single style, so I take advantage of that and kinda create between styles and combine things you wouldn't often associate together, and no-one's ever complained about that. What makes it different here? Why do people hate the unusual combinations and mixture of classical and dubstep here?

This was harsh on the ears, to say the least. The first 15 seconds go well, the melody and drums are on point. After that, however, the addition of the basses over that not only drown out the drums, but also make it seem like it's transitioning between radio stations. If you're going to put basses over a melody, do so gently and gradually by highpassing it in.

As for the drop itself... it's both all over the place at the same time that it doesn't have any really interesting variation. The drums are entirely drowned out by everything going on, which is odd, because I'm pretty sure you were sidechaining already in the intro (tip for dubstep: Sidechain everything to the kick and the snare, those two things need to be the loudest thing in your mix).

Your main bass is what sounds like the result of an overenthusiastic discovery of FMing sine waves, and only sine waves. The key to making basses more interesting is harmonics, which did NOT happen in this. As for the rest of the basses, I can't pass judgement because I can't hear them.
Like at all.

Which brings me to my next point, for the love of ears everywhere, give everything a place in the mix and STOP just boosting volume and high frequencies to make things heard. There's so much clipping in this, to the point that it's hard to hear it because it's all at 0dB the entire time (I'd know, I opened Audacity and started a desktop audio recording and the drop is just a solid bar that peaks constantly). I did this myself when I started, and I didn't stop doing it for a while, but trust me, it makes everything sound that much better when you actually mix and master properly, even if you just attempt it. I'm almost positive this would have a solid 4 stars if everything could be heard, but it can't, which is why people are attacking the "randomness" of the drop.

In any case, there's a lot you need to work on. BUT, if you recall, the intro is well done, and actually catches my ear. When you finish this, if you aren't opposed to it, I'd like to have the stems to remix this, I've got a few ideas to implement.

Doublechindoge7 responds:

Had the demo of FLS so I couldn't save and it crashed and I forgot the notes. But I can tell you the scale, it was C# D# F G# A# and all of the classical instruments were made with DSK Overture. I'm trying to make this work with no budget and little to no knowledge on music theory. I've taken Music as my option but I'm only in Y9 so I don't know much. I've pretty much just taught myself everything I know and took a few tutorials so I hope that explains why this track turned out the way it did.

Clearly with the ratings this is getting this isn't good, I guess it's just lack of knowledge, I dunno; I don't feel it's a bad idea and I don't think the loops were bad. I don't really get how this turned out to be so hated. BTW I actually tried sidechaining my kicks and snares because it sounded effective, but the effects of the channels I was sidechaining them to were being applied to them as if I had linked the channels instead sidechained them. IDK how to fix that. Also I did try to vary the frequency usage with maximus, but every time I boosted the low or mid end I got a real muddy unpleasant sound.