Reviews for "DEMON SLAYER - Preview"

Read this carefully and don't take it personally:

The mix is totally cluttered; the sound design is weird and it is very empty in percussion. "Kick, snare kick snare" oh boy. You need more variation without cluttering the song. Less is more in many ways with the perfect mix. Also make sure your sounds are not overpowering your drums in the mix like they do in this preview. From what I have learned recently, it is better to let the drums impact a lot more in a hard dubstep track.

The worst part about this project is that you used GD as a way to get attention. Pathetic. If it was any good, you would never have to do that.

Don't worry about the project file being gone. You can make much better stuff in the future. The intro was kind of nice but needs a more calm intro to lead into it.

Don't use random clips of this song for a reboot of the track; if you really want to make it good it should just be recreated when you have an abundance of experience in music production (especially in sound design). You have every right to want to make this project awesome, but it will take a lot more time.

Keep practicing and this idea can become something much, much better. Good luck!

Doublechindoge7 responds:

Okay, I'm suddenly getting this complaint a lot that it's too cluttered, but do you mean there's too much going on or d'you mean the sounds clash. Also I just wanted to say that I did not make this to take advantage of Geometry dash players for views, I started my Newgrounds "Career" in the first place for Geometry Dash. I made this song so that I myself could use it in my own level, not to exploit the views system. I just wanted to make that clear since you told me not to take It personally, but then proceed to throwing insults like pathetic at me and making it personal so obviously to contradict your own logic you must've been really passionate about your opinion on that. The snare complaint, fair enough, but I can't do anything about that. I'm a 14 year-old kid if you hadn't seen my profile, so I've made everything on my profile without spending a penny. So the only percussion I have is what comes with the demo of FLS and 1 pack of free "Dubstep" audio clips. Also the audio clips thing has been scrapped, my idea to combine audio clips and new original loops using the same scale could've in theory got this done and still kept it somewhat unique, but I don't know why; but everything I made clashed with the audio clips. I dunno if it was just 'cause audio clips go through some kinda compression or what, but nothing would blend.

Unlucky with the loss of the files mate, would've been cool to see the finished version.

Some more mastering (or just improvements to the sounds in the synths themselves) could have been done as they sound a little bit loud and very slightly annoying throughout.

Doublechindoge7 responds:

I will still be finishing this song, with any major project I make I make an MP3 file every single time it reaches the next "Stage" of development. This was at stage 3, so I can use audio clips of this and its previous versions combined with new sounds to finish it. However, this restricts mastering, lowers audio quality and makes my job A LOT harder...

Cool idea done well can be better but this is a prev

Doublechindoge7 responds:

Yes, the drop has more to be done.

It's kinda weird, the noises are pretty annoying tbh but I know this is a WIP so I won't dock stars for that :P

Doublechindoge7 responds:

Well sadly now it's crashed, I can't remaster the individual instruments, so that can't be fixed now... Anyway, could you PM me telling me which part exactly is annoying, 'cause other people are saying it's annoying but I don't hear anything annoying. High grating frequencies don't tend to bother me as much as they do other people, and sometimes I don't even notice them...

So cool!

Doublechindoge7 responds:

Thanks! =D