Reviews for "DEMON SLAYER - Preview"

How do you upload music in Geometry Dash?

Doublechindoge7 responds:

Nice profile pic. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Any music you upload with allow downloads on can also be downloaded from GD, but I'm guessing you're asking because that didn't work for you, in which case you must not be scouted. If you didn't know all the music from GD comes from "Scouted" composers and performers on Newgrounds, unscouted users' content cannot be downloaded because members of NG don't yet know if your content is of good quality or if it is suitable, as in we don't know if you have broken any rules with your content yet so you have to be "checked" first to confirm you make good, clean content.

If you are unscouted then you're probably asking how to get scouted, well, it's quite simple. Someone who is scouted already needs to scout you, easier said than done, but that's what you need to do. How long could that take? I don't know, it could be a couple days, or it could be a couple months. For me it took 7 months! However, I've never heard of anyone else taking longer than 1 month to be scouted, I think it just took so long for me 'cause I was uploading MMJ content which isn't exactly against the rules but it's kinda frowned upon in the NG audio community, but I don't know for sure. Wish I'd known sooner that MMJ was frowned upon so I didn't go for longer unscouted.

Since I'm scouted I could scout you right now, but of course if I do it for you everyone will want me to do it for them. So I do have to treat like everyone else and only scout you if I genuinely think your music is good and complies with the rules of NG.

Finally, I want to explain some smaller questions you might have:

Q: What does being scouted by someone who is unscouted do for me?

A: Scouted users can view a list of unscouted users to view their content and see if they deserve to be scouted. The list is sorted to put the better users at the top in different orders, the first one being most to least recommendations. Each time you are scouted by an unscouted user you move higher up the list and you become more likely to be noticed.

Q: If I've been unscouted for a long time, am I more likely to be scouted in the near future?

A: Technically, yes. It more depends on your upload frequency so dead profiles don't rise to the top and clog up the list. The second column puts unscouted users with more uploads to the top.

Q: I have already been scouted by someone that is scouted why am I not scouted yet?

A: I think being scouted has a bit of a delay to it, I don't completely get how the system works but I've noticed sometimes it's been a couple hours to a couple days 'till someone's been scouted but they're not scouted yet, but it should happen soon after being scouted by a scouted user. I don't know if admins get informed when someone's scouted by a scouted user or if the website takes care of it, all I know is it's your ticket to getting scouted.

Q: I have been scouted by multiple scouted and unscouted users but I'm still not scouted, what's going on?

A: Either you are a banned user, or someone has made a mistake.

Anyway, I'll see your profile now.

What piano is that at around 0:30? Is it a preset?

Doublechindoge7 responds:

Yes and no, It's something I made with a free VST plugin called "DSK Overture" it consists of 4 sections (I don't know the proper terminology) with ADSR Level and Panning sliders, an area where you can select from 54 different classical instruments and some advanced settings. One of the instruments is "Acoustic Piano". The settings I put on were acoustic piano with full decay and level and no ASR at pan -5, 0, and 5 with a violin with low level, release, and attack with high DS and 0 panning if I remember right. The violin must be subtle of course, it's just there to hold the note and reinforce the pianos, not steal the show.

ehmm ..

ehmm yeah.

just work on it more
yeah that.

Doublechindoge7 responds:

Well, if I ever return to this I'll see what I can do. (It crashed)

Great Song! Just Dubstep is 5 dB too loud

Doublechindoge7 responds:

That's specific, okay thanks. I've done worse to the decibel meter, (my last full track scarred goes up to +5db)

Good preview but the beginning starts to quick. But good song other than that.

Doublechindoge7 responds:

Was longer, but I had to speed it up for GD.