Reviews for "Shard Hunters"

Sluggish but the boss fight was fun. Lack of map was meh but since game is rather small and checkpoints are located in right spots it wasn't that painful.

Very cute; fun, simple idea.

Lots of potential that was missed, though. I feel like the combat was introduced too slowly and I almost quit since the beginning was so slow and predictable. The staggeringly slow pace of the player also made the early areas feel boring. However, once the player gets the fire spell and encounters his first enemy, the game gets a lot more depth. The combination of combat and traps is infinitely more engaging than the initial "grab keys, find exit" concept.

Anyway, I think you have some fun ideas here that are worth fleshing out for a proper sequel. Good luck, keep making games.

The game is a rough gem that needs a bit more work to be exceptional. Character animations are smooth and the art style is adequate. I understand that it's just for the C3Jam, but you can definitely improve upon it or make a sequel.

Charge shot feature is not identified in-game when you pick up any spell. (you can hold z and then it does something else, which then requires a cooldown period as indicated by the icons and the timer at the bottom)

There seemed to be no difference between the z and x attacks when attacking enemies.

Strange death sound and very little penalty for dying (you just get taken back to the previous room, even if it’s a room that is further ahead than the one you are in).

Dungeon rooms are simplistic: pick up key to unlock door, avoid arrows and traps, and proceed to next room.

Minor glitch: When you use the C (dash) after entering a room, you will move to the right, even if the character is facing down.

In the Z room, the right teleport takes you back to the Z room (although I don’t think there’s any point to backtracking before that room anyway.)

Upon defeating the end boss, you should at least allow the player to return to the title screen.

The character art and visual effects are both well done. The background art falls a bit flat in comparison. I also want to compliment you on the implementation of hitboxes, the top-down view and art style made me very nervous about the hitboxes but they were all in all well considered and implemented.

The concept of the overall gameplay is solid, but suffers from questionable pacing, as well as the rooms trying to disguise themselves as puzzles when really they're obstacles courses with the only option to circumvent them is waiting and then going. Still it was playable and the potential is there, if you pursue this project in the future just remember to give more thought to the levels and how you can make even light brain-teasers for obstacles.

I want to wish all fellow game developers and artists good luck in the Construct 3 Game Jam!

its a compleatly ok game. its a bit stale