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Reviews for "Battle"

I really love this! Very well put together!

This popped up on the NG radio and man I'm glad it did. Probably one of my favorite remixes of this theme! Good job. : D

Schtiffles responds:

Oh wow that's so cool, I had no idea there was a NG radio :D

Almost sounds like Zelda.

So much nostalgia. OMG... I ... Love... this! Its still has that classic tune, but is sounds upgraded, and nice.I cant write how awesome it is!

Schtiffles responds:

Thank you :D

I transcribed it from the original song note for note, then added my own twists to it!

In days of old, I spent every waking hour learning everything there is to know about Pokémon. I successfully memorized the names of all 718 existing at the time before I even got my first DS, because my parents wouldn't let me get one until I was 12. Then when I actually started playing the games, I was even more mind-blown. Even though I don't exactly have the nostalgia of the original games because my first game was Y, this still reminds me of the days when the Pokémon franchise was all I ever thought about. Warm and fuzzy feelings aside, this is an awesome song. I've always loved the very iconic gen 1 wild encounter theme for its energy, its catchyness, and its beautiful progression that fits perfectly with what it was made for, and adding all this backbone to it as you have done makes for something utterly epic. Honestly, I could see this in a new generation battle against Red or something, but at the same time, this takes THE Pokémon theme and makes it into its own energy speedway of a song, which is well produced and has nice variety of melodies. All around, great to listen to. Solid 5 stars.

I had a feeling there was something else I wanted to say, but I can't seem to make out what it is and how to say it. That's annoying, but I guess I have enough in this review already. Peace

Schtiffles responds:

Damn dude, very well said and much appreciated! While transcribing the song from the original I came to realize just how mind-blowingly well it's composed. The melodies have this amazing flow to them where everything fits together perfectly, and the harmonies sit in the mix right under them bridging empty space with the low-mids. Junichi Masuda is a genuine musical genius haha.