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Reviews for "'DUCKS!'"

This was fantastic! A fresh puzzler. Awesome job!

Butzbo responds:

Thanks Mike! :D

Not bad at all. Artwork I have mixed feelings on but the game is still fun and catchy. You may consider mixing things up with your music more but it's not bad.

Now I did notice a few hitbox problems with some parts, nothing that kept me from completing a level but they were there, and I'm not sure if Splash Duck being able to shoot through boxes was intentional or not, but it is weird given how it blocks everything else. Solid entry though.

Butzbo responds:

That's an interesting point, I originally planned the water-shot to be blocked by the box (just like walls and Brick-Duck do), but I guess I forgot doing it, which is interesting because right now the box works as a good cover to shoot through, which may be one alternative to solve a few parts, still, I find it more consistent if it stops them, so I'll check that out.
Thanks for your comments! :)

Damn. Some pretty good games showing up in this Jam. Starting to feel bad about my crappy entry.

Here's a programming suggestion:
Put the ducks and pushable boxes in a Family. Then create an event that sorts that Family's Z order by their Y value every tick. This way the ducks will be rendered behind the boxes when pushing them from uptop, giving more of a perspective effect.
You know, just a beautification thing...

Butzbo responds:

Wow, many thanks!!, really, I tried different ways to do this with no success (putting a duck in front of the other if the Y is higher, etc) until I gave up because I needed to work on the most functional aspects. I'll definitively try that method :)

Nice! Pretty fun little take on the Lost Vikings formula.

Art is funny, like stupid funny. But this is not a style, it's really very sloppy. This is bad. What about gamedesign .. it's just horror. Red duck stops shooting guns, but can not pass through the fire!? Really!? At the 6th level, it was possible to push the box through the raised spikes? Really? Dude. This is all horrible is not logical and prevents of walktgrough. And your main mistake in gamedesign - Push the boxes onto the space key? What? Yes, thanks for the game, well done. But before you make a game, you need at least 5 minutes to think about logic. It is not difficult, enough for even 2 weeks of gamejam

Butzbo responds:

You make some good points, since it's a puzzle-based game, it may not seem logical that Brick can't go through fire if it can actually block laser shots (that could actually burn him by exposure!!), or move a block through spikes that seems to be high enough to block it. I intended the game to have a more 'absurd' tone (after all, how is a duck so though to block bullets, or how come the other duck can simply float in mid-air), some players may adapt to this 'videogame logic', but if you look at it from a 'physical' perspective, it does come with unusual rules.

Other things were a product of decisions made in the process to solve other functional aspects: An earlier build of the game didn't needed the player to hold 'Space' to push blocks, but that made for accidental moves on the box that could get you easily stuck.

That said, thanks for playing!